Формирование и структура термомиграционных кремниевых каналов, легированных Ga

А.А. Ломов, Б.М. Середин, C.Ю. Мартюшов, А.Н. Заиченко, И.Л. Шульпина
2021 Журнал технической физики  
We have produced through-wafer vertical Si (Ga) p-channels by thermal migration of local gallium zones in c-Si (111) wafers. To achieve this, a method for the formation of local zone was proposed and implemented, which consists in filling linear grooves etched in a silicon wafer with fine-dispersed Ga powder. The grooves were 100 um wide and 30-50um deep. It was shown that a high yield of suitable zones occurs when the grain size of the powder is 5 um and the temperature is 290 K. The obtained
more » ... i (Ga) thermomigration p-channels were studied by X-ray methods of double-crystal rocking curves and projection topography. The characterization of structural perfection of Ga p-channels was performed by their comparison with the structural features of the Si (Al) thermomigration channels. Typical structural defects at the boundaries of both thermomigration channels were shown to be dislocation half-loops fixed by their ends at those boundaries. The concentrations of Al and Ga in the obtained channels were estimated as С(Al) ~ 1E19 и С(Ga) ~ 1.9 E19cm-3, the deformation e~(2–5)E-5 and tilt ~ 15–30 ʹʹ of crystal planes near the channel-matrix interface of the plate were determined.
doi:10.21883/jtf.2021.03.50525.220-20 fatcat:tppevtzltrbi7khik22dn3bxie