Influence of the internal clearance of ball bearings on the vibration level

2018 Engineering Mechanics 2018   unpublished
The paper presents research of the influence of the radial internal clearance of the rolling ball bearings on the basic exploitation parameter which is the level of vibration. The measuring method of radial internal clearance of rolling bearings and measuring device are described. The 6304 type ball rolling bearings were used in research. The experimental research consisted of measurements of radial internal clearance and vibration level. The vibration analysis was divided into three basic
more » ... ency bands: low (50-300 Hz), medium (300-1800 Hz) and high (1800-10 000 Hz). The research was carried out in Laboratory of Rolling-Elements Bearings located in Kielce University of Technology. The research results showed that the increase of the radial clearance values affect the level of vibration generated by rolling bearings. The biggest influence was noted in the medium vibration frequency band.
doi:10.21495/91-8-961 fatcat:7d4gjb6qbrdqdevpyn2n6xq3fq