Toward delay-tolerant multiple-unmanned aerial vehicle scheduling system using Multi-strategy Coevolution algorithm

Yohanes Khosiawan, Sebastian Scherer, Izabela Nielsen
2018 Advances in Mechanical Engineering  
Autonomous bridge inspection operations using unmanned aerial vehicles take multiple task assignments and constraints into account. To efficiently execute the operations, a schedule is required. Generating a cost optimum schedule of multiple-unmanned aerial vehicle operations is known to be Non-deterministic Polynomial-time (NP)-hard. This study approaches such a problem with heuristic-based algorithms to get a high-quality feasible solution in a short computation time. A constructive heuristic
more » ... structive heuristic called Retractable Chain Task Assignment algorithm is presented to build an evaluable schedule from a task sequence. The task sequence representation is used during the search to perform seamless operations. Retractable Chain Task Assignment algorithm calculates and incorporates slack time to the schedule according to the properties of the task. The slack time acts as a cushion which makes the schedule delay-tolerant. This algorithm is incorporated with a metaheuristic algorithm called Multi-strategy Coevolution to search the solution space. The proposed algorithm is verified through numerical simulations, which take inputs from real flight test data. The obtained solutions are evaluated based on the makespan, battery consumption, computation time, and the robustness level of the schedules. The performance of Multi-strategy Coevolution is compared to Differential Evolution, Particle Swarm Optimization, and Differential Evolution-Fused Particle Swarm Optimization. The simulation results show that Multistrategy Coevolution gives better objective values than the other algorithms.
doi:10.1177/1687814018815235 fatcat:j266iyopurfobfcyxexw4fokfi