Recognition of Dialogue Acts in Multiparty Meetings Using a Switching DBN

A. Dielmann, S. Renals
2008 IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing  
This paper is concerned with the automatic recognition of Dialogue Acts (DAs) in multiparty conversational speech. We present a joint generative model for DA recognition in which segmentation and classification of DAs are carried out in parallel. Our approach to DA recognition is based on a switching dynamic Bayesian network (DBN) architecture. This generative approach models a set of features, related to lexical content and prosody, and incorporates a weighted interpolated factored language
more » ... el. The switching DBN coordinates the recognition process by integrating the component models. The factored language model, which is estimated from multiple conversational data corpora, is used in conjunction with additional task specific language models. In conjunction with this joint generative model, we have also investigated the use of a discriminative approach, based on conditional random fields, to perform a reclassification of the segmented DAs. We have carried out experiments on the AMI corpus of multimodal meeting recordings, using both manually transcribed speech, and the output of an automatic speech recogniser, and using different configurations of the generative model. Our results indicate that the system performs well both on reference and fully automatic transcriptions. A further significant improvement in recognition accuracy is obtained by the application of the discriminative reranking approach based on conditional random fields.
doi:10.1109/tasl.2008.922463 fatcat:smulxi22x5hbjjlpk3i4clgede