Implementing Simulationx in the Modelling of Marine Shafting Steady State Torsional Vibrations

Nenad Vulić, Karlo Bratić, Branko Lalić, Ladislav Stazić
2021 Polish Maritime Research  
Marine propulsion shafting systems are exposed to torsional vibrations originating from excitations in their prime movers and propellers. It is essential to analyse their steady state response in the earliest stage of ship design. The paper describes the implementation of SimulationX software based upon simulation modelling for these calculations. This software can be used either by the design office of the shipyard or by the classification society for verification within the plan approval
more » ... . Some specifics of the input data preparation are briefly discussed. In addition, the simulation results depend on the modelling approach chosen. For these reasons, the real two-stroke Diesel engine ship propulsion system was chosen and several different models were implemented for system modelling. SimulationX calculation results are compared with those of two well-known and field-proven programs that use an analytical approach. Finally, the results are compared with the measurements performed on the actual newly built ship. Discussion reviews the selected SimulationX model, and its verification and validation in the case of engine cylinders with normal ignition.
doi:10.2478/pomr-2021-0022 fatcat:4bt2bbvssnhlddpgod2bieelhi