The influence of psychological state on oral lichen planus

Kruna Valter, Vanja Vucićević Boras, Danijel Buljan, Danica Vidović Juras, Mato Susić, Dragana Gabrić Pandurić, Zeljko Verzak
2013 Acta Clinica Croatica  
Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a T-cell mediated disease directed to a still unknown antigen, which may affect oral mucosa. The aim of this study was to determine whether differences in anxiety, depression and stress could be seen in patients with OLP in acute stage and in remission, as well as in comparison with healthy control subjects. The study included 50 OLP patients aged 22-79 (mean age 61.04) years and 50 control subjects who had healthy oral mucosa aged 38-80 (mean age 58.70) years.
more » ... ts with OLP filled out the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults and Beck Depression Inventory II test in acute stage and in remission. Control subjects also filled out the same tests. On detailed medical history, study subjects were asked about the possible stressors, which might have happened in the previous year. Statistical analysis was performed by use of descriptive statistics and t-test. There were no differences in the level of anxiety, depression and stress between the two stages of OLP disease (acute vs. remission period). Patients with OLP were significantly more anxious, depressed and stressed in both OLP stages as compared with healthy controls. It might be that psychological disturbances precede OLP development rather than worsening the disease process itself.
pmid:24053073 fatcat:kadu43hjw5ervjo5lemeyhzvgu