Wide Power Dynamic Range CMOS RF-DC Rectifier for RF Energy Harvesting System: A Review

Alexander Choo Chia Chun, Harikrishnan Ramiah, Saad Mekhilef
2022 IEEE Access  
This article investigates the latest research outcomes on the wide power dynamic range (PDR) CMOS RF-DC rectifier for on-chip radio frequency energy harvesting (RFEH) system as a viable approach to extend the high power conversion efficiency (PCE) operating range which is limited by the varying nature of the available far-field RF power. The significance of enhancing the rectifier's PDR is that it offers a more reliable operation of RFEH in real-life applications. Therefore, this review seeks
more » ... navigate the research and development focus of the RFEH system towards extending the PDR of the CMOS RF-DC rectifier by providing analysis of the effect of state-of-the-art PDR extension techniques and their design tradeoffs. The review encapsulates the transmission of the RF power, a brief overview of the RFEH front-end circuit, and a comprehensive review of the CMOS rectifier design focusing on PDR. At the end of this article, we discuss the future design aspects to address the limitation of the RFEH system. Recent research shows that extending the rectifier's PDR will enhance the overall performance of the RFEH system. INDEX TERMS CMOS rectifier, power conversion efficiency (PCE), power dynamic range (PDR), RF energy harvesting, RF power transmission.
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3155240 fatcat:e6iiblklubd2zcucthyud3j7nu