Industrial Enterprise Management System in the Context of Innovative Development: Scientific and Practical Aspects of Assessment
Система управління промисловими підприємствами в умовах інноваційного розвитку: науково-практичні аспекти оцінки

V. I. Chobitok, Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy, T. M. Shelest, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
2021 Problemi Ekonomiki  
The article is aimed at forming scientific and practical aspects of assessing the industrial enterprise management system in the context of innovative development. The research results show that creating an effective management system for the innovation-oriented development of industrial enterprises is aimed at stimulating them to become flexible and obtain long-term resilience to environmental factors for both the shorter and longer term. These features help industrial enterprises transform,
more » ... ce qualitative changes, and adapt to various external impulses. A method of assessing the industrial enterprise management system in the context of innovative development is suggested, which includes the following stages: preparatory stage; information stage; analytical stage; research stage; recommendation stage. The effective development of domestic industrial enterprises directly depends on the formation of a management system, which is assessed in the following areas: financial and economic support; long-term staffing; management and performance support; organizational and production support; information and analytical support. As a result of the study, integrated indices of the industrial enterprise management system for 2015–2019 were calculated. They showed that dynamic digitalization of the economy requires the industrial enterprises management to form innovative development guidelines in order to increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises.
doi:10.32983/2222-0712-2021-2-169-180 fatcat:4ie7ssytznh7ppnfanvx4kbrcq