Jihan Abdullah
2006 HUNAFA Jurnal Studia Islamika  
Modernization often creates a paradigm and new values. Therefore, people who envlove in it including learners are faced with two facts; whether they are resistennt when interacting with it or accept it with all its consequences. Based on this, we need supreme morality to prevent or at least to descrease secularism- in many occations- is produced by modernization.Within this context, Islamic education which has for long time been taught to students at schools, seems less able to-in many cases-
more » ... to-in many cases- save students' morality without disregarding external factors, of course. So, what's actually wrong with our Islamic education. Kata Kunci: Modernisasi, pendidikan agama, perubahan kurikulum
doi:10.24239/jsi.v3i3.274.299-304 doaj:f7550fa93ce0430d86b7f319d7e8abb3 fatcat:cu7bboxb7vbwbmytkuppkshoce