Effects of Monotherapy and Combination Therapy Involving Metformin and Glimepiride on HbA1c and Lipid Profile in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Saravanan, P Manna, G Mohanta
2015 Human Journals Research Article September   unpublished
To compare the effects of an insulin sensitizer, metformin, with an insulin secretagogue, Glimepiride, on Glycosylated hemoglobin level (HbA1c) and lipid profile in type II diabetes patients. This is a prospective cross sectional study carried out on 120 type II diabetic Patients were selected according to the prescription divided in three groups Metformin (N=40), Glimepiride (N=40), a combination of Glimepiride with metformin (N=40). We observed the levels of HbA1c and lipid profiles, in the 0
more » ... profiles, in the 0 th , 12 th and 24 th weeks of the treatment period. The HbA1c level significantly reduced in12 th and 24 th weeks in metformin and Glimepiride alone groups as well in the combination groups. However, the reduction was more profound in the Glimepiride plus metformin combination as that of single therapyy groups. Further, the Glimepiride treatment group displayed non-significant changes in serum TG However, in combination therapy of Glimepiride with Metformin there was a significant decrease in serum TC, LDL-c, TG and significant increase in HDL-c levels at 12 th and 24 th week as compared to the 0 week Metformin improve lipid profile when used in type II diabetic patients and reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications.