Authentication, Access Control, Privacy, Threats and Trust Management Towards Securing Fog Computing Environments: A Review [article]

Abdullah Al-Noman Patwary, Anmin Fu, Ranesh Kumar Naha, Sudheer Kumar Battula, Saurabh Garg, Md Anwarul Kaium Patwary, Erfan Aghasian
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Fog computing is an emerging computing paradigm that has come into consideration for the deployment of IoT applications amongst researchers and technology industries over the last few years. Fog is highly distributed and consists of a wide number of autonomous end devices, which contribute to the processing. However, the variety of devices offered across different users are not audited. Hence, the security of Fog devices is a major concern in the Fog computing environment. Furthermore,
more » ... g and preventing those security measures is a research issue. Therefore, to provide the necessary security for Fog devices, we need to understand what the security concerns are with regards to Fog. All aspects of Fog security, which have not been covered by other literature works needs to be identified and need to be aggregate all issues in Fog security. It needs to be noted that computation devices consist of many ordinary users, and are not managed by any central entity or managing body. Therefore, trust and privacy is also a key challenge to gain market adoption for Fog. To provide the required trust and privacy, we need to also focus on authentication, threats and access control mechanisms as well as techniques in Fog computing. In this paper, we perform a survey and propose a taxonomy, which presents an overview of existing security concerns in the context of the Fog computing paradigm. We discuss the Blockchain-based solutions towards a secure Fog computing environment and presented various research challenges and directions for future research.
arXiv:2003.00395v1 fatcat:32jta5ijkzb2nfi2hzatz5pbvi