Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1853 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Trials and Rewards of the Medical Profession.-That veteran of surgery, Dr. Mussey, who has been prominent in the professorial chair, and eminent as a practitioner, now in the full strength of advancing age, while his honors are thick upon him, has embarked in a new enterprise. The Miami Medical College, located at Cincinnati, is altogether a new creation, and Dr. M. is the main pillar in sustaining the structure, as we understand the matter in this direction. At the opening of the first lecture
more » ... session, in October last, as professor of surgery, Dr. Mussey delivered a discourse on ihe trials and rewards of the medical profession. No person can be more familiar with these matters than himself. Pithy illustrations of the phases of a physician's every-day intercourse, give a zest to the lecture. The whims of the sick ; the ignorance of those assuming to be wise ; the stupidity of some, the flattery of many practitioners, and their mean subserviency to their inferiors for the sake of business, as pictured by him, are true to nature. The spirit and tendency of this essay are good. It recognizes the workings of a Divine Providence, not precisely in words, but in principle; and there is a truthfulness in his propositions, that the understanding acknowledges at sight. Dr. Mussey has a reputation that commands the respect of the best class of minds, and we hope that the frosts of age may approach him gently, and his last days be as happy as the morning and meridian of his professional career were peaceful and prosperous. The Mother and her Offspring.-An occasional notice of the preparation of this treatise, by Stephen Tracy. M.D., formerly of the missionary service in China, has appeared in the Journal. Within a few weeks, it came from the press of the Harpers, in New York, in a neat and acceptable form.
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