Genome-wide CRISPR screening identifies new regulators of glycoprotein secretion [article]

Stephanie Popa, Julien Villeneuve, Sarah Stewart, Esther Perez Garcia, Anna Petrunkina Harrison, Kevin Moreau
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
The fundamental process of protein secretion from eukaryotic cells has been well described for many years, yet gaps in our understanding of how this process is regulated remain. With the aim of identifying novel genes involved in the secretion of glycoproteins, we used a screening pipeline consisting of a pooled genome-wide CRISPR screen followed by secondary siRNA screening of the hits to identify and validate several novel regulators of protein secretion. We present approximately 50 novel
more » ... s not previously associated with protein secretion, many of which also had an effect on the structure of the Golgi apparatus. We further studied a small selection of hits to investigate their subcellular localisation. One of these, GPR161, is a novel Golgi-resident protein that we propose maintains Golgi structure via an interaction with golgin A5.
doi:10.1101/522334 fatcat:3lz2kp77mncbrblzpkqh46ojeu