A Personal Approach

Kellyn Weir, Alan Costall
2015 International Journal of Qualitative Methods  
This study explored the process of taking a personal approach to my son's problems with computer games. As a psychology student, I should have been in a good position to explore the paradoxical emotions and this situation of conflict. Yet I was also aware that relating closely to the people we are studying has long been a taboo even in qualitative research. I nevertheless adopted a collaborative methodology in which I balanced a dual role of parent and researcher. Taking a personal approach,
more » ... owing intimate, reciprocal negotiation, I was not only able to put this taboo to the rare empirical test but also achieved an insight that would otherwise have not been available to me. By engaging in dialogue and encouraging the ability to object, a first-person plural (We), position was achieved in which an understanding of this situation developed and has transferred to our everyday lives. Keywords first-person methodology, first-person plural methodology, parent-researcher, ethics, methodological taboo Like social taboos, scientific taboo is kept up not so much by a rational argument as by a common attitude among scientists: any member of the scientific guild who does not strictly adhere to the taboo is looked upon as queer; he is suspected of not adhering to the scientific standards of critical thinking (Kurt Lewin, 1949, p. 279)
doi:10.1177/1609406915618048 fatcat:espexoqbkbdazcu4r2l7j3f4lu