A Channel Estimation Method by Orthogonalizing of the time domain training signals in MIMO-OFDM systems
MIMO-OFDM 시스템에서 시간영역 훈련신호들의 직교화를 통한채널추정 방법

Hyoung-Goo Jeon
2013 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
In this paper, a channel estimation method by orthogonalizing of the time domain training signal in MIMO-OFDM systems is proposed. It has shown that Jeon's method[8] cannot be directly used in 4 Tx antenna MIMO-OFDM systems since the delayed Rx signals interfere the orthogonal property of the time domain training signals. As a possible solution to the problem, in this paper, a guard interval is inserted into the center of the training signals so that the orthogonal property between the Rx
more » ... ng signals can be maintained. It is shown by using computer simulations that the proposed method can estimate the channel response in time domain in 4 Tx antenna MIMO-OFDM systems. 키워드 : 다중입출력, 직교주파수분할다중화, 채널추정, 직교 훈련신호, 시간영역 채널추정
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2013.17.12.2818 fatcat:6v2ig2rjuvcb5dxgcsyxhstlkq