Md Hasan, A Fazlul, Haque
2016 International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Applied Science (IJSEAS)   unpublished
Mesh networking is a powerful way to route data. Range is extended by allowing data to hop node to node and reliability is increased by self-healing, the ability to create alternate paths when one node fails or a connection is lost. ZigBee is the new standard that has been developed for low cost, low data rate and low power consumption wireless network. And mesh is a type of network architecture. This paper provides a brief overview of the available IEEE 802.15.4 topologies, and then developing
more » ... the mesh topology, describing its advantages, disadvantages and application, and presents a detailed study on open research issues in ZigBee mesh networks. But mesh network is limited by space. In This research paper we introduced ZigBee mesh network with webserver interface. Any router node can transfer data to coordinator node of ZigBee and coordinator is connected with webserver. All data is sent to webserver for monitor. With a real IP these data can be viewed from anywhere in the world. It makes ZigBee network Internet connected, monitored and controlled.