Efficient novel multiresolution wavelet hybrid matching method for satellite images

Yanwen Ji, Anthony T. S. Ho, Tao Yu, Yan Xia, Harold H. Szu, David L. Donoho, Adolf W. Lohmann, William J. Campbell, James R. Buss
2001 Wavelet Applications VIII  
This novel feature-based method is able to reduce the computation overheads without compromising the matching accuracy of satellite images. It incorporates the bi-orthogonal wavelet filter using B-splines designed by Yu and Ho [1]. The biorthogonal wavelet filter is used to perform multi-resolution edge extraction and multi-resolution matching. Edges are matched using adaptive matching windows that vary their shapes according to the directions of the edges. An adaptive searching range is
more » ... because the searching range of each edge point may be different. Moreover, the matched results for low resolution levels are utilized for interpolating high resolution mismatched pixels. Detailed comparison with other new feature-based algorithm on SPOT and aerial stereo images was performed. The results obtained show that the proposed algorithm was computationally more efficient as well as achieving an overall improved matched accuracy.
doi:10.1117/12.421209 fatcat:e3ky733ntraehpkmu5nagj46vm