Implementing Dense Linear Algebra Algorithms Using Multitasking on the CRAY X-MP-4 (or Approaching the Gigaflop)

Jack J. Dongarra, Tom Hewitt
1986 SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing  
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more » ... f a new computer organization that is likely to be the start of a revolution in scientific and statistical computation. Abstract. This note describes some experiments on simple, dense linear algebra algorithms. These experiments show that the CRAY X-MP is capable of small-grain multitasking arising from standard implementations of L U and Cholesky decomposition. The implementation described here provides the "fastest" execution rate for LU decomposition, 718 MFLOPS for a matrix of order 1000.
doi:10.1137/0907023 fatcat:t7qr47nvwjdjroggprc7pop2km