Alpha oscillations govern interhemispheric spike timing coordination in the honey bee brain [article]

Tzvetan Popov, Paul Szyszka
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
In 1929 Hans Berger discovered the alpha oscillations: a prominent, ongoing 10 Hz rhythm in the human EEG. These alpha oscillations are amongst the most widely studied cerebral signals, related to cognitive phenomena such as attention, memory and consciousness. However, the mechanisms by which alpha oscillations affect cognition await demonstration. Here we provide a novel model system from an adequately described complex neural circuit of the honey bee (Apis mellifera), that exhibits
more » ... of the alpha oscillations. We found a prominent alpha wave-like ongoing neural activity (~ 18 Hz) that is reduced in amplitude upon stimulus presentation. The phase of this alpha activity biased both neuronal spikes and amplitude of high frequency gamma activity (> 30 Hz). These results suggest a common role of oscillatory neuronal activity across phyla and provide an unprecedented new venue for causal studies on the relationship between neuronal spikes, brain oscillations and cognition.
doi:10.1101/628867 fatcat:prbwsb7ukzecllvg6gecihpbx4