Infant feeding practices in Bombay slums

S B Bavdekar, M S Bavdekar, R R Kasla, K J Raghunandana, S Y Joshi, G S Hathi
1994 Indian Pediatrics  
The study examined patterns of breast feeding among 153 mothers who had children under 2 years old and who lived in 2 slum areas of Bombay: Juhu Khadda and Ruia Park. The interviews and 24-hour food recall survey were conducted in January 1993. The total slum population was 4879 persons. Exclusive breast feeding was practiced among infants under 4 months of age by only 37% of mothers (27 infants). The high breast feeding rate of 96% at 4 months obscured the issue of frequency. Breast feeding
more » ... . Breast feeding was practiced by 78% of mothers at 1 year and 61% of mothers at 2 years. Only 48% of infants were fed weaning foods between the ages of 6 and 10 months; 8.5% of these infants received commercial milk formula. 23% used a bottle for giving water or milk to infants. About 16% used a commercial milk formula.
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