Polymorphism In Growth Hormone Gene Sequence From Microminipig (MMP) With Direct Sequencing PCR

Shedage Ashok, Yasushi Kuwabara, Shunnosuke Abe, Eugene Morita
Pig Growth Hormone regulates growth, development and various metabolic activities in body. It releases from anterior pituatory gland of hypothalamus region of brain. Till now the sequence variation for GH has been carried out only in normal pig and minipigs. This is first report showing GH gene sequence variation in Microminipigs, smallest pig in the world developed by Fuji Nojo Service, Japan which weighs about 6-7 kg at its maturity. In present study, coding and intronic region of GH was
more » ... gion of GH was determined for polymorphism with direct sequencing PCR. Coding region of pig GH is 651 bp and represents 216 amino acids containing initial 26 amino residues codes for signal peptide. Current investigation showed that, there were total of 6 synonymous and 4 non synonymous changes found, among them, two of each were common in MMP. Non synonymous changes were Val9 and Gln22 were majorly observed in signal peptide of MMP GH. Further analysis study showed that, intronic region was highly polymorphic and sequence variability observed was 7.5 %, 2.7 % and 26.2 % in normal pigs, minipigs and Microminipigs respectively.