Regulatory and legal environment of counterfeiting and prevention of domestic violence against women
Нормативно-правове забезпечення протидії та запобігання домашньому насильству над жінками

Hbur Liusia, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
2021 Law. Human. Environment  
The article analyzes the legal support for combating and preventing domestic violence against women. The statistics show that in 2020 the bodies and institutions entrusted with the functions of implementing measures to prevent and combat domestic violence received 211,362 complaints about domestic violence, of which – 2,756 from children, 180,921 – from women , 27 676 – from men. It is concluded that the ratification of the Istanbul Convention is still open, which currently helps all signatory
more » ... tates to effectively combat a wide range of phenomena, including psychological violence, physical violence, sexual violence, especially rape, forced marriage, forced abortion, forced abortion, forced abortion. genitals, crimes in the name of so-called «honor», harassment, sexual harassment, etc. In addition, the need to ratify the Istanbul Convention has been and continues to be insisted on by the world community, as by signing this Convention, Ukraine has committed itself to ratifying it in the future. It is determined that the normative-legal provision of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence against women consists of a set of international covenants, declarations and conventions, normative-legal and by-laws normative-legal acts. It has been found that the number of reports of violence against women is increasing every year, so the legislator should work to prevent any forms of domestic violence by amending the legislation governing preventive measures. Keywords: violence, women, gender equality, Istanbul Convention, domestic violence, combating violence, domestic violence, gender equality
doi:10.31548/law2021.03.017 fatcat:eq5lheju6jbhlphzmf7apujyy4