Modified Spherical Wave Functions With Anisotropy Ratio: Application to the Analysis of Scattering by Multilayered Anisotropic Shells

Cheng-Wei Qiu, SaÏd Zouhdi, Adel Razek
2007 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation  
We describe a novel and rigorous vector eigenfunction expansion of electric-type Green's dyadics for radially multilayered uniaxial anisotropic media in terms of the modified spherical vector wave functions, which can take into account the effects of anisotropy ratio systematically. In each layer, the material constitutions and are tensors and distribution of sources is arbitrary. Both the unbounded and scattering dyadic Green's functions (DGFs) for rotationally uniaxial anisotropic media are
more » ... rived in spherical coordinates ( ). The coefficients of scattering DGFs, based on the coupling recursive algorithm satisfied by the coefficient matrix, are derived and expressed in a compact form. With these DGFs obtained, the electromagnetic fields in each layer are straightforward once the current source is known. A specific model is proposed for the scattering and absorption characteristics of multilayered uniaxial anisotropic spheres, and some novel performance regarding anisotropy effects is revealed. Index Terms-Anisotropic ratio, dyadic Green's functions (DGFs), modified spherical wave functions, radially multilayered structures, recurrence matrix, scattering and absorption, vector eigenfunction expansion.
doi:10.1109/tap.2007.910491 fatcat:hhy6ahbpsbfzhhno5qsq5ijeum