Argentinien - vom "Silber-" zum Schwellenland

Martina Greiner
2011 unpublished
Argentina was one of the early 20th century the richest countries in the world. Agricultural exports, lucrative economic relations with Europe and a relatively well-developed educational and social system allowed the rapid rise of land and great wealth. However, there were in the country's history numerous ups and downs that the country both economically and politically inflicted long term damage. 1983 ended the continuous exchange between military regimes and civilian governments; Argentina is
more » ... a democracy since almost 30 years. This work traces the development of the country and addresses the question of how this democratic consolidation has proceeded in recent decades, as the violent divisive institutions function today, which political culture prevalent today and whether the term "defective democracy" for Argentina still finds its rationale.
doi:10.25365/thesis.14299 fatcat:nlq2rrgq2jha7jbgxqi22t46ii