Male Violence against Women and Hybrid Identities in Post-Apartheid South African Black Theatre

Olga Barrios
2012 International Journal of Arts  
Post-apartheid black South African playwrights of both sexes claim the need to destroy apartheid's legacy and construct new spaces where wo men stop suffering violence at the hands of men and where they are not discriminated for being exponents of hybrid identities. However, since wo men are the central characters of the plays by both male and female play wrights, it seems evident that black wo men are portrayed as indisputable agents of social change in contemporary South Africa wh ile
more » ... rica wh ile demanding men's imp lication towards reaching the same goal. Therefore, this essay will analyze the pivotal role o f contemporary b lack wo men p laywrights in creating audience awareness geared towards social change; the depiction of black wo men's main concerns on suffering male abuse and violence and society's racist discrimination; and the ensuing struggle of black wo men to find their o wn space and dignity as women wh ile asserting their identity as exponents of a new hybridized society in contemporary South Africa.
doi:10.5923/j.arts.20120205.02 fatcat:5u4jkbqztjdchcwmglbcbw2oge