Memory and executive functions in amnesic and non-amnesic patients with aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery

B. Diamond
1997 Brain  
Ruptured and repaired anterior communicating artery (ACoA) and provides added sensitivity by combining recall with nonrecall measures (e.g. recognition, spatial discrimination and aneurysm can result in devastating impairments involving memory, executive function, confabulation and personality spatial assembly). The major findings were: (i) immediate recall in amnesics was improved by providing an organiza-change. Importantly, traditional cerebral areas implicated in amnesia are not damaged,
more » ... are not damaged, yet amnesia can still be manifested. tional strategy; (ii) following the organization trials, amnesics and non-amnesics retained information to a comparable While ACoA patients show normal visual-constructional skills (i.e. copy scores) on the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure extent over a 30-min delay; (iii) two subgroups of amnesics emerged, those subjects impaired in acquisition and a second test, recall is often impaired. What is unclear is whether impaired recall is attributable to problems in encoding, group with impaired retrieval; (iv) all subjects showed preserved memory on non-recall measures. These findings accelerated rates of forgetting, retrieval or some combination. To disentangle these issues, we examined 10 patients have important implications with respect to using organizational strategies in cognitive treatments and in using non-with ruptured aneurysms of the ACoA, using the Reyorganizational and extended memory procedure which uses recall measures in improving the validity and reliability of patient assessment. an organizational procedure for enhancing immediate recall Abbreviations: ACoA ϭ anterior communicating artery; ANOVA ϭ analysis of variance; CVLT ϭ California verbal learning test; ROCFT ϭ Rey-Osterrieth complex figure test; R-OEM ϭ Rey-organizational and extended memory test; WAIS-R ϭ Wechsler adult intelligence scale-revised; WCST ϭ Wisconsin card sort test
doi:10.1093/brain/120.6.1015 pmid:9217685 fatcat:tyrvsnpokjbypjmus3pd4e5n5e