Knowledge Sharing in Workplace: Motivators and Demotivators

Oye.N.D, Mazleena Salleh, Noorminshah
2011 International Journal of Managing Information Technology  
This paper gives an overview of knowledge sharing in workplace. Based on the review of critical literatures by the authors, they infer that knowledge sharing in workplace can be influenced by motivators and demotivators. Activities of knowledge sharing in organizations may be on organization level or individual level. Knowledge sharing of both levels is critical to the success or failure of knowledge management inside and outside of organizations. Age, culture, and industry were all found to
more » ... ere all found to affect knowledge sharing among workers. A common stereotype is that older workers hoard knowledge because they are more insecure and feel threatened by younger workers. Since older workers have more valuable knowledge, younger workers needed to entice their older colleagues to share their valuable knowledge with them. The paper focus on motivators and demotivators to sharing Knowledge in workplace. Theories and research pertaining to why workers share knowledge are reviewed. While all industry need knowledge and innovation, it is also true that the pace of change and the need to innovate differs from industry to industry. Technology was acknowledged to have a high important role in increasing productivity of knowledge sharing. It plays a critical role in creating, storing and distributing explicit knowledge in an accessible and expeditious manner.
doi:10.5121/ijmit.2011.3406 fatcat:r4cwsdmrnfajjd3hz23lzzljym