Automated Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Maja Knezev, Zarko Djekic, Mladen Kezunovic
2007 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting  
A complete system for automated monitoring of multiple circuit breakers is developed for DOE by Texas A&M University. This system is characterized by a wireless-based architecture for data communication between newly developed Circuit Breaker Monitors (CBMs), as well as concentrator computer with intelligent software for automated analysis. Circuit breakers are very important elements of the electrical power system. Usually, circuit breakers are manually initiated to interrupt current flow
more » ... g normal operating conditions. They may also be automatically initiated to interrupt short-circuit currents during faults. The ability to operate a breaker and isolate a portion of the power system is very critical task and circuit breakers must be very reliable. This document consists of three parts. The first two parts give the hardware and software prototype specification respectively. The third part provides details of the filed demonstration. The solution is aimed at automating the analysis of switching sequences using GPS-synchronized records from the control circuitry collected by CBM devices installed at each breaker. Hardware report is described in PART 1. It defines improvements in the circuit breaker monitoring (CBM) device made during the year 2006. Signal conditioning board, communication protocol and time synchronization module have been modified and upgraded. These modifications are necessary to enable monitoring over the entire power system and to reduce cost of the device. Report presents lab and field-test setups. Two CBM units are developed and installed at CNP substation in south Houston area. Functional requirement specification for automated circuit breaker monitoring device is created and attached in the appendix. Final reports for year 2003 and 2005 are also provided in the appendices of PART 1. PART 1 Hardware Implementation -130,130]V Voltage levels in range [ -130,130]V Voltage levels in range [ -5,5]V Voltage levels in range [ -1,1]V Voltage levels in range [ -5,5]V Voltage levels in range [ -1,1]V Over voltage protection and signal conditioning 2 Communication Protocol New communication protocol for CBM provides multipoint communication and time synchronization enabling usage of several CBMs in one substation. We established pointto-multipoint communication network. Considering the fact that concentrator has to communicate with more than one DAU at the time, the main idea is that concentrator is polling all of DAUs in a schedsuled way in order to determine if any of DAUs has a file to send. If it has, the Master unit initiate file transfer. The Master unit communicates with slaves using comands. Commands are divided in two parts. In the first part master sends CBM ID and in the second part it sends command to be executed. Communication algorithm with comand execution and data sending is shown in Figure 1 .2.
doi:10.1109/pes.2007.385884 fatcat:mxa2n7pgg5d63iluzd5e66wqpq