La gestión estratégica de recursos humanos en Colombia [chapter]

2014 Colombia: La implementación del buen gobierno  
Strategic planning has raised a wide range of concepts and methodologies in recent years, following the main objective of leading good management of organizations, planning is very useful for companies and helps to create competitive advantages in changing markets. However, it is necessary to think and see beyond when proposing strategies that are viable. The present article investigate how the managers of information resources in organizations can use strategic planning to fulfill the mission
more » ... ulfill the mission of the company, the analysis also covers common problems within planning. It takes a systems approach that presents planning as an inclusive process that seeks to produce flexible systems that adapt to changing needs. Finally, it is concluded that because of the changing nature of the environment, the strategic management process can not be static, it must evolve and develop continuously to have a persistent advantage, organizations must plan for the future and consequently, continue to improve their resources to create new alternatives for strategic growth.
doi:10.1787/9789264202351-9-es fatcat:deo7t5yuend7zopyaztlk2dtuu