Age and growth of the scalloped hammerhead shark,Sphyrna lewini, in the north-west Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

Andrew N. Piercy, John K. Carlson, James A. Sulikowski, George H. Burgess
2007 Marine and Freshwater Research  
The scalloped hammerhead, Sphryna lewini (Griffith & Smith, 1834), is a globally exploited species of shark. In order to gain insight into the life history of this species in the USA waters, age and growth was examined from specimens (n = 307) captured from the north-west Atlantic Ocean and from the Gulf of Mexico. The von Bertalanffy growth model resulted in growth parameters of L ∞ = 214.8 cm fork length (FL), k = 0.13 year −1 , t 0 = −1.62 year for males and L ∞ = 233.1 cm FL, k = 0.09 year
more » ... FL, k = 0.09 year −1 , t 0 = −2.22 year for females. The oldest age estimates obtained for this population were 30.5 years for both males and females, which corresponded to FL of 234 cm and 241 cm respectively. Bowker's test of symmetry and Index of Average Per Cent Error suggests that our ageing method represents a non-biased and precise approach to the age assessment. Marginal increments were significantly different between months (Kruskal-Wallis P = 0.017) with a distinct trend of increasing monthly increment growth beginning in January. When compared to previously published studies, our growth estimates suggest slower growth than populations in the Pacific Ocean but faster growth than previously reported in the Gulf of Mexico.
doi:10.1071/mf05195 fatcat:7adbxro655b37kiwuefx223hli