An interactive product customization framework for freeform shapes

Yunbo Zhang, Tsz Ho Kwok
2017 Rapid prototyping journal  
Additive Manufacturing (AM) enables the fabrication of three-dimensional (3D) objects with complex shapes without additional tools and refixturing. However, it is difficult for user to use traditional computer-aided design tools to design custom products. In this paper, we presented a design system to help user design custom 3D printable products on top of some freeform shapes. Users can define and edit styling curves on the reference model using our interactive geometric operations for styling
more » ... curves. Incorporating with the reference models, these curves can be converted into 3D printable models through our fabrication interface. We tested our system with four design applications including a hollow-patterned bicycle helmet, a T-rex with skin frame structures, a face mask with Voronoi patterns, and an AM-specific night dress with hollow patterns. The executable prototype of the presented design framework used in the customization process is publicly available. Figure 1: Applications of customized products: a customized arm cast and an AM-specific dress.
doi:10.1108/rpj-08-2016-0129 fatcat:msjrjptrnnepdajoyq4x4pbd3m