Improved homogeneity of the transmit field by simultaneous transmission with phased array and volume coil

Nikolai I. Avdievich, Sukhoon Oh, Hoby P. Hetherington, Christopher M. Collins
2010 Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
Purpose-To improve the homogeneity of transmit volume coils at high magnetic fields (≥ 4 T). Due to RF field/ tissue interactions at high fields, 4-8 T, the transmit profile from head-sized volume coils shows a distinctive pattern with relatively strong RF magnetic field B 1 in the center of the brain. Materials and Methods-In contrast to conventional volume coils at high field strengths, surface coil phased arrays can provide increased RF field strength peripherally. In theory, simultaneous
more » ... nsmission from these two devices could produce a more homogeneous transmission field. To minimize interactions between the phased array and the volume coil, counter rotating current (CRC) surface coils consisting of two parallel rings carrying opposite currents were used for the phased array. Results-Numerical simulations and experimental data demonstrate that substantial improvements in transmit field homogeneity can be obtained. Conclusion- We have demonstrated the feasibility of using simultaneous transmission with human head-sized volume coils and CRC phased arrays to improve homogeneity of the transmit RF B 1 field for high-field MRI systems.
doi:10.1002/jmri.22257 pmid:20677280 pmcid:PMC2925674 fatcat:phbyyvxtxrfflc6z3a56c6ikae