Analysis of Economic and Socio-Environmental Viability Indicators for Energy, Materials and Water Management and Proposal of Technologies and Alternatives for Sustainable Construction in Housing

Clauciana Schmidt Bueno de Moraes, Rodrigo Prieto Rocha, Stephani Cristine de Souza Lima, Leonardo Prudente Torres Gualter, Adriana Maria Nolasco, Miguel José Oliveira, Miguel Pires Amado, Manuel Duarte Pinheiro
2020 Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture  
The work presents technologies of materials, energy and water management that can be used for sustainable buildings, reducing costs and environmental impacts. The aim was to encourage the reduction of energy consumption, adequate water management and more sustainable material choices in new or existing buildings. For this, a diagnosis of existing technologies and alternatives was carried out in the first stage of the work. The second stage consisted of analyzing among the technologies and
more » ... atives diagnosed from the methodology which can be applied in a fictitious case study of housing, its implementation and maintenance and viability analyzing, finally, environmental indicators, social and economic. The results showed that the best evaluated technologies/alternatives were in Energy: ventilation and natural light; in Water Management: double-action sanitary basin, flow restrictors, aerators with constant flow, and minicistern systems; and in Materials: bamboo, wood, soil-cement brick, earth, steel frame and wood frame, aggregate with ash from rice husks, aggregate with ash from sugarcane bagasse, glass, phase change materials, aggregate with residues of construction and demolition, Portland cement and cement with blast furnace slag; which can be used in the civil construction sector, and provide socio-environmental and economic benefits, encouraging new studies and its use for public/private buildings, aid in the elaboration of public policies to reduce costs and improve the quality of buildings.
doi:10.17265/1934-7359/2020.05.006 fatcat:cz57ejg4vre2rhmut7zlxif3ua