Formation and properties of chalcogenide glasses based on GeS2–Sb2S3–AgI system

Zhuobin Li, Changgui Lin, Guoshun Qu, Laurent Calvez, Shixun Dai, Xianghua Zhang, Tiefeng Xu, Qiuhua Nie
2014 Materials letters (General ed.)  
Novel glasses in GeS 2 -Sb 2 S 3 -AgI system have been prepared by melt-quenching method. A large glass-forming region was found in the novel system, in which almost 60mol% AgI has been incorporated. The basic physiochemical properties of glass samples were investigated. With the addition of AgI, red shift of short-wavelength absorption edge indicates and distinct drop of the glass transition temperature (T g ) were observed. In addition, a high Ag + ion conductivity of 6.37 10 -4 S/cm at room
more » ... emperature can be obtained in 55(0.6GeS 2 -0.4Sb 2 S 3 )-45AgI sample, indicating that these glasses have potential application as amorphous solid electrolytes.
doi:10.1016/j.matlet.2014.06.083 fatcat:5a2ma7423vgfzh2iuqhe32qwga