Residual Stress Evolution during Decomposition of Ti(1-x)Al(x)N Coatings Using High-Energy X-Rays

Mark R. Terner, Peter Hedström, Jonathan Almer, J. Ilavsky, Magnus Odén
2006 Materials Science Forum  
Residual stresses and microstructural changes during phase separation in Ti33Al67N coatings were examined using microfocused high energy x-rays from a synchrotron source. The transmission geometry allowed simultaneous acquisition of x-ray diffraction data over 360° and revealed that the decomposition at elevated temperatures occurred anisotropically, initiating preferentially along the film plane. The as-deposited compressive residual stress in the film plane first relaxed with annealing,
more » ... th annealing, before dramatically increasing concurrently with the initial stage of phase separation where metastable, nm-scale c-AlN platelets precipitated along the film direction. These findings were further supported from SAXS analyses.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:q62wj4yehzczfdd4iwsh7aensq