1903 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
i38 i 4 -TT1s9 1 IREVIEWS. [JULY i8, J9O3; 13 [DCAL JOURNIAL! E I W .-93 with tlie wile loop directly from thie e'ervix, usinig a Ferguson's speculum to get a clear view. .Many cases eliinically golioco-cal were missed because the. cover-slip preparation was so ofteni made from the pus about the entrance to the vagina. The presenice of sarciniae mentioned in tlhe statistics from .Que?n' Clsarlotte's Hospital in Mr. Stephensoni's paper were. probibly due to tlhe. proximity of the lhospital to a
more » ... rawery; they were more often found in the latter montlhs of the summer. Tlhey were" of course, quite innocuous. Dr. Sikes inisisted oni the early bacteriological examination of all sore eyes in newly-born lchildren, and also of any vaginal discharge in the motlher, so that if gonococci were found, Co. (Crown 8vo, pp. 780; II6 illustrations. IOS. Gd.)
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2220.138 fatcat:wedtv3gnpbb5bfbmgyjghl3ibi