Schema Evolution in SQL-99 and Commercial (Object-)Relational DBMS [chapter]

Can Türker
2001 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The main concept for representing data in SQL-99 is the concept of a table, which is made up by a set of columns and rows. A table is associated with a schema and an instance: table specifies the name of the table, the name of each column, and the domains (data types) associated with the columns. A domain is typically referred to by a domain name and has a set of associated values. Examples for basic domains (built-in data types) in SQL-99 are INTEGER, REAL, NUMERIC, CHAR, or DATE. -An instance
more » ... of a table schema, called table, is a set of rows where each row has the same structure as defined in the table schema, that is, each row the same number of columns and the values of the columns are taken from the corresponding domain. CREATE TABLE {( ) | OF [UNDER ] [( ) ]} ::= | | REF IS | WITH OPTIONS
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