Absorption of Glycine in the Small Intestine of Rats Under Physiological Condition

Storchilo Ov
Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System   unpublished
Objectives and method: To determine the velocity of glycine absorption in the chronic experiments under physiological condition with no operation trauma, pain, narcosis and atrophy of the small intestine using and original method of surgical formation of the functioning fragment of the small intestine with 'living fistulas' in the presence of chime, all gastrointestinal secrets and natural innervations. Results: The glycine absorption velocity increases during one hour of perfusion. Absolute
more » ... ameters of absorptive activity of the small intestine in the chronic experiments in vivo are higher than in the isolated loop of the rats' small intestine. We observed no dissolution of perfusate with gastrointestinal fluids in the small intestine functioning part indicating that absorption of water in this fragment of small intestine prevails. Conclusions: Formation and perfusion of the functioning fragment of the rats' small intestine is an adequate approach to the investigating the activity of the small intestine under physiological condition. It allows detecting the impact of the regulatory activity of chime (its exogenic and endogenic components).