Encryption Algorithm for Medical Volume Data Based on Three-dimensional Arnold Transformation and Chaos

Lei Hao, Jingbing Li
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electronic Science and Automation Control   unpublished
Three-dimensional medical volume data such as high-resolution map of medical CT, advanced optical images of scanners and MRI has increasingly developed to facilitate medicine diagnosis, the information storage, and the transmission, while it also brings security issues. In this paper, an encryption algorithm is presented, considering the security of three-dimensional medical volume data. Firstly, the position of the pixels of the medical volume data is scrambled by three-dimensional Arnold and
more » ... chaotic sequence is produced by Logistic map. S econdly, the image feature value is extracted as a key into the encryption process, and then a feedback mechanism was set up to change the pixel values. Finally, the definition of encryption performance indicators in the volume data is promoted. Through simulation, the algorithm has a large key space, which is highly sensitive to the initial value of keys. Furthermore, it can resist statistical, brute-force attack and differential attack effectively. The proposed encryption algorithm in this paper has high security and practical value, giving inspiration on security issues in the future with the large emergence of the three-dimensional volume data.
doi:10.2991/esac-15.2015.28 fatcat:l4dcrxb4ybhlxj7otm7ylfr3rm