İleri Yaş Yetişkin Eğitim Sistemleri ve Tazelenme Üniversitesi

Muhammet Recep OKUR, Özlem OKTAY
2021 Kastamonu Eğitim Dergisi  
Purpose: This research aims to determine the place of the "Refreshment University" in the systems of older age education in the world by examining the purposes, basic features, admission conditions, activities, and ways of providing funding for the systems for older age education in the world. Design/Methodology/Approach: Since the researcher will develop an objective attitude by looking at the facts from the outside with a deductive approach, the research has been designed with a
more » ... l descriptive design, one of the survey models, with a quantitative research approach. The study population was determined by grouping them as French model, English model, and hybrid models, and ten universities were determined to be examined through purposive sampling. One of these universities represents the French model, one represents the English model, and the other eight universities represent the Hybrid models. The investigated features of these ten older adult education systems were also carried out for Refreshment University. In collecting data, the websites of the older adult universities in the sample were examined and the catalogs, reports, plans, periodic written sources, magazines, books, films, photographs, and videos (documents) accessed from the websites were used. The data analysis was carried out by presenting the tables created in line with the questions determined to achieve the purpose. Findings: Old age adult university systems in the research sample were analyzed in terms of their objectives, main characteristics, student admission conditions, educational areas and activities, and sources of funding. The research has concluded that although the "Refreshment University" is similar to the French model, it is a proper candidate to create a hybrid model. It should be noted that this could change, given that "Refreshment University" is more recent and developing. Highlights: The primary purpose of the systems for older age adult education is to ensure healthy and quality aging as well as active aging in line with the philosophy of lifelong learning.
doi:10.24106/kefdergi.780577 fatcat:34uh6qpegrgxrfo7rn6sd42e7m