Modeling and Optimization on the Carbon Dioxide Separation from Natural Gas Using Hydrotalcite-Silica Membrane

Ahmed Daham Wiheeb
2018 Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences  
The process modeling and optimization of carbon dioxide (CO2) separation from carbon dioxide-methane (CH4) binary gas mixture through hydrotalcite (HT)-silica membrane using statistical design of experiments (DoE) is reported in this study. The effect of three important process variables, pressure difference across the membrane (100-500 kPa), temperature (30-190oC) and CO2 feed concentration (10-50%) on the CO2 separation performance of the membrane were investigated. The response surface
more » ... ology (RSM) coupled with central composite design (CCD) was used to build up two models to correlate the effect of process conditions to CO2 permeance and CO2/CH4 separation selectivity. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) of the quadratic model at 95% confidence interval confirmed that the model was highly significant. The CO2 feed concentration with 43% showed the best performance with a CO2 permeance of 6.0x10-7 mol.m-2.s-1.Pa-1 and a CO2/CH4 separation selectivity of 109 at 100 kPa pressure difference across the membrane and temperature of 30oC
doi:10.24237/djes.2018.11307 fatcat:lk7mgpwe2jfrpgbvwbcar7xfmy