Digital Transformation of the Arctic oil and gas industrial complex: new challenges and opportunities
Цифровая трансформация арктического нефтегазового комплекса: новые вызовы и возможности

Nikita A. Tretyakov, Saint Petersburg Mining university, Aleksey E. Cherepovitsyn, Saint Petersburg Mining university
2022 СЕВЕР И РЫНОК:формирование экономического порядка  
Currently, digital transformation has become one of the global technological trends. For the effective development of the mineral resource base and the implementation of planned projects, it is necessary to update technological solutions in order to optimize business processes along the entire value chain of the product. This topic is especially relevant for the national oil and gas complex. The existing problems associated with the depletion of traditional hydrocarbon reserves, the
more » ... of mining and geological conditions and the need to search for new sources of resource development require fundamentally new technological solutions. Modern conditions for the functioning of energy markets, associated with a high degree of uncertainty in macroeconomic parameters, the activation of "green" trends and the development of approaches to responsible financing, also form new requirements for the industry and the oil and gas companies themselves. Today, the introduction of digital technologies is one of the most important areas for the development of the oil and gas sector. The purpose of the work is to study and justify new challenges and opportunities for digital transformation of the oil and gas complex in the Arctic. The paper defines the role of digital transformation for the mineral resource complex (MCC), explores the key areas, dynamics and development trends of this process. The analysis of the existing experience of domestic and foreign companies in the framework of the introduction of digital technologies in the oil and gas sector was carried out. The decomposition of the tasks of digital transformation of oil and gas companies is given. The role of the digital transformation of the Arctic oil and gas complex is substantiated by systematizing key external and internal challenges. A list of technologies relevant for implementation in the development of hydrocarbon resource potential in the Arctic has been developed, the main effects of digitalization have been systematized, and potential difficulties in implementing this process in the current conditions have been identified.
doi:10.37614/2220-802x.1.2022.75.002 fatcat:c6ii6ks6nfdzfkyi7xai7u3uhi