International Journal of Allied Practice, Research and Review Silken Handkerchief Letters Conspiracy: MaulanaMahmudul Hasan

Aijaz Ahmad
SilkenHandkerchief Letters Conspiracy,as dubbed by the British, was a movement of India's freedom strugglein the second decade of the twentieth century. It was started by Ulema of Deoband particularly Shaikhul Hind MaulanaMahmudul Hasan.MaulanaObaidullah Sindhi was another most important leader of this movement. This movement was a planto attack on British India and oust the British from the Indian subcontinent for which he launched a programme to train volunteers from among his disciples in
more » ... his disciples in India and abroad. He mobilized the support of the governments of foreign Muslim powers, especially Afghanistan and Turkey. He also planned to get support of the Germanyand Russia to overthrow the British rule from India. In order to materialize the programme into reality, a planned conspiracy against the British was started in 1913, but somehow it could not become successful. This movement gained strength during the First World War, when the British Government in India was busy in the war efforts. In August 1916, some letters written on silk fell into the hands of the Punjab CID of the British Government of India. These letters were containing the details of forming an army (Hizbollah or Party of Allah)and getting the support of the governments of Turkey and Afghanistan.Consequently, MaulanaMahmudul Hasan was arrested and deported to Malta Island.