Portfolio Analysis on the New Power Generation Sources of the Sixth Basic Plan for Long Term Electricity Demand and Supply
포트폴리오 이론을 활용한 제6차 전력수급기본계획의 신규전원구성 비교 연구

Juhan Kim, Jinsoo Kim
2014 Environmental and Resource Economics Review  
Including the rolling black out in 2011, Korea has suffered from rapid increase of electricity consumption and demand forecasting failure for last five years. In addition, because of the Fukushima disaster, high fuel prices, and introduction of new generation sources such as renewables, the uncertainty on a power supply strategy increases. Consequently, a stable power supply becomes the new agenda and a revisino of strategy for new power generation sources is needed. In the light of this, we
more » ... ight of this, we appraises the sixth basic plan for long term electricity demand and supply considering the changes of foreign and domestic conditions. We also simulate a strategy for the new power generation sources using a portfolio analysis method. As results, a diversity of power generation sources will increase and the share of renewable power generation will be surged on the assumptions of a cost reduction of renewable power sources and an increase of fuel costs. Particularly, on the range of a risk level(standard deviation) from 0.06 and 0.09, the efficient frontier has the most various power sources. Besides, the existing power plan is not efficient so that an improvement is needed. Lastly, the development of an electricity storage system and energy management system is necessary to make a stable and efficient power supply condition. Keywords : Portfolio analysis, power mix, the sixth basic plan for long term electricity demand and supply, electricity supply strategy 포트폴리오 이론을 활용한 제6차 전력수급기본계획의 신규전원구성 비교 연구 • 585 •
doi:10.15266/kerea.2014.23.4.583 fatcat:rw2zbroesbbpjb4yzo4luf47re