Red-emitting In x Ga1−x N/In y Ga1−y N quantum wells grown on lattice-matched In y Ga1−y N/ScAlMgO4(0001) templates

Takuya Ozaki, Mitsuru Funato, Yoichi Kawakami
2018 Applied Physics Express  
Red-emitting In x Ga 1−x N/In y Ga 1−y N quantum wells (x > 0.2, y ∼ 0.17) are grown on ScAlMgO 4 (0001) substrates with lattice-matched In y Ga 1−y N templates. The ratio of the photoluminescence (PL) intensity at room temperature against that at 11 K is 0.14 for a red-emitting In x Ga 1−x N/In y Ga 1−y N QW on a ScAlMgO 4 substrate, whereas that for a conventional In x Ga 1−x N/GaN QW on a sapphire(0001) substrate is 0.004. The lattice-matched In y Ga 1−y N/ScAlMgO 4 template generates a
more » ... kable improvement in internal quantum efficiency. Additionally, the spatial uniformity of PL is also drastically improved, showing promise as long wavelength emitters.
doi:10.7567/1882-0786/aaf4b1 fatcat:dz76m2yz7vfhdenf5op5s7evea