Sextil Puscariu's Memoirism between the Autobiographical and the history's pact

2019 Zenodo  
The 1978 "Memoirs" by Sextil Puşcariu represents one of his reference memoir works. Beyond the variety of species that it includes (diary alternating with a suite of epistles and memoirs), the work focuses on several thematic pillars: warlike, social and political, cultural, erotic etc. which the author are alternates in an inspired way. The memories reveal the elegant cohabitation of the public register with the intimate one, in which the emphasis on the biography of the ego falls to the
more » ... of understanding an epoch, in the edification of which the memorialist had a decisive word to say. Based on these judgements, we intend to analyze the "Memoirs" of Sextil Puşcariu in this study, caught between the autobiographical pact and the pact with the history. The narrator retells and talks about himself, communicates and self-communicates, "Memories" becoming a dialogue with his own ego.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3332667 fatcat:dsv6zoqpxvb6nbahi4brpm5j54