1912 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
OBITUARY. CL. I.-CIENERAL PLANT; BIACIIINERY. 1167 -__ --___ codd bc obtciiiicd. Wc siibscqucntly found that Atlcncy hntl hiinsclf originnlly stnrtctl on this mctliod but secnis to h v c stibsraiicntly tliscnrdcci it. It is not tlicrcforc ncccssnry to sny iiiorc tlinn tlint wc consitlcr tliiit wliilc tliis first itlcn, ritltlctl of t.lic inciil)iis of " rate of al)yorl)tion," coiitnincd tlic essciitinls of IL iiscfiil proccdu his siil)scqiicnt iilotlilicntioiis Iicivc nintlc the ~iirtl~otl
more » ... cssivrly innre tirirc1iiible. Obituary. stlidy of clcctro-clicinistry iindcr Professors Borclicrs niitl Clnsscn nnd Dr. Dnncel. On rctiiriiing froiii Ckrinnny Nenvc s n s cngngctl ns priviitc nssistniit to Professor l'iirclie, mid in 1901 wiis nppoiiitctl Lcctiircr nntl Ikinoiistriitor in Clicinistry in tlic C:lusgow m t l \Vest, of Scot lirnd Tccliiiicnl Collcgc iincler Professor klenciersoii. H c spent his leisure from college tliitics in iiinkiiig fresh rcscnrclics, nntl in 1905 prcsciitccl n tliesis to tlic University of St. Aiitlrcw, for which lie wns nwnrtlecl tlic tlcgrcc ~f U.Sc. His investigations nppcnrccl in vurioiis chcniicnl joiirnnls, iiiicl nt tlic tiiiic of his tlcntli onc or two of iinportoncc \vcrc. rlllntrst con1plctctl. I G I~A I W C i r m L E s w u i a u . Etl\viirtl Cliarles Spiirgc. gcncriil ninniipcr of tlic Ozonc Vnnillin Coi~qiiiny of Singnrn Fnlls, N.T., ilicd oii Korciiibcr 61.11, in the 1nl)oratory of tliiit conil)nny, in coiiscqiicncc of iiilinliny fiiiiics of liydrocynnic ncitl with wliicli Iic was condiicting soinc erpcriinciits. Horri in \\'itIiiini, in ICsscs, lie wns n 11.Sc. of tlic University of Lonilon, niitl n Fcllow of tlic Institiite of Chi!niistry. For scver~il yenis lie pi~rsiietl rescnrcli \\.orIi in C:eriiinny, Frnnre, iiiicl Italy. He \\wit t o !lie
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