Investigation of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Tetragonal/Cubic Composite Electrolytes Prepared by Impregnation of 8YSZ with Zirconia Solution

Mojtaba Ghatee, Mohammad Hossain Shariat, John Irvine
2009 ECS Transactions   unpublished
Zirconia solid electrolytes with nonequilibrium composite structure were prepared by impregnation of a porous 8YSZ matrix with a solution of Zirconia. Microstructures were characterized by XRD and SEM. The electrical properties were studied by impedance spectroscopy as a function of temperature. Biaxial flexural strength and fracture toughness of composite samples were measured by ring on ring and Vickers microhardness indentation methods respectively. The microstructures of the composite
more » ... olytes were composed of cubic grains surrounded by tetragonal second phase grains. It was shown that the electrical and mechanical properties of the prepared electrolyte can be adjusted by controlling the amount of doped zirconia. Increasing the amount of doped zirconia increases the tetragonal phase content which improves fracture toughness and fracture strength. In addition, increasing tetragonal phase content of the composite electrolytes decreases the conductivity at high temperatures while the situation is reversed at low temperatures.
doi:10.1149/1.3205689 fatcat:h5kuwwpj3jgbjjkvl5oyihjjay