Activities of the un missions in the information sector

Stepko Olexandr
2018 Zenodo  
The article highlights the information component of UN peacekeeping operations, an important tool for achieving its peace and security goals. The information support of UN peacekeeping operations has been analyzed. The article uses the general scientific principles of research. In the study of information mechanisms of the UN system, systematic and analytical methods were used with their inherent analysis and synthesis. The historical approach made it possible to trace the evolution of the UN
more » ... tivities in the field of information support for peacekeeping. The comprehensive use of various methods allowed the creation of a modern picture of the information support for UN peacekeeping operations. The maintenance of peace is part of the much broader efforts that the United Nations is making for peace providing. At all these stages, the effective use of information is vital. It is impossible to achieve the main goals of the UN without information – it is becoming an important aspect of increasing the effectiveness of peacekeeping operations. Preventive steps should be based on timely and accurate facts. A new concept of security is being formed, the basis of which is the protection of the entire population and specific people from the violence generated within the state. These tasks compel the UN to adjust traditional concepts, and one of the most important aspects is the widespread use of information technology. The UN strategic approach to conflict prevention requires closer interaction between the main units dealing with peace and security issues. In this regard, they need better tools for collecting and analyzing information. A professional system for accumulating knowledge on conflict situations, the effective dissemination of this knowledge to a wide range of users, the preparation of analytical assessments and the formulation of long-term strategies has been created in the form of Secretariat of Informational and Strategic Analysis. For UN peacekeeping operations, the potential for public information and commu [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2270589 fatcat:yarmkfztx5c67eecd4ou6grs4m