Improvement of microspore culture method for multiple samples in Brassica

Yu Takahashi, Shuji Yokoi, Yoshihito Takahata
2011 Breeding Science  
Microspore culture is an important method for production of haploids and doubled haploids. Although the routine protocol of isolated microspore culture of Brassica species has been established, the protocol for a large number of genotypes is laborious. In this paper, we report an improvement of the microspore culture method for dealing with multiple samples. The improved method showed the same results as the conventional one in the number of isolated microspores per bud and embryo yield per
more » ... mbryo yield per dish. The improved protocol is easier and can deal with two to four times more genotypes than the conventional one during the same period. This method provides some advantages to plant breeders and/or geneticists.
doi:10.1270/jsbbs.61.96 fatcat:l52uwsx5xjajbhuz6tghxa7fue